Professional editing achieved with simple tools


  • Simple image editor.
  • Advanced features and filters.
  • Many automatic tasks.


  • Some features aren’t that customizable.

Photo Pos Pro strikes a fine balance between software that’s simple and software that’s complicated. In contrary to what normally happens in these cases, the result us successful: a simple interface that has a series of predefined filters that lets you edit photos thoroughly but with great ease.

Photographic Retouching

The main aim of Photo Pos Pro is to provide top-notch retouching tools, via an interface that’s simple to use. The icons are all self-explanatory, and message bubbles that appear explain exactly what can be achieved by using them.

In a couple of seconds, Photo Pos Pro will allow you to open a photo, select the areas you want to change, define various layers, and make all the edits you want. For example, it’s possible to delete details you don’t like such as get rid of red eye, blur a particular area, and change the color balance. But the really interesting thing is that you can apply a huge range of effects that completely change the appearance of the images; from the most recognized like ‘oil painting’ and ‘mosaic’, to others such as ‘dragon effect’, ‘newspaper’, and ‘integration’. The idea, then, behind such a large gallery of possibilities is to allow a form of artistic intervention with the image.

Drawings too

While it’s not the main aim, Photo Pos Pro also gives you the option of create an image from nothing. Logically, you can use a template image or open a project that you’re already working on, then apply different brushes, deletion tools, shapes, filling tools, and much more.  Photo Pos Pro also lets you apply and personalize textures and gradients, as well as write text.

Photo Pos Pro, in short, acts as if it were an ‘incomplete’ version of Photoshop, in the sense that it doesn’t quite have the same quality and quantity as Adobe’s software, but it still results in fantastic images without complicating the process.

Photo Pos Pro icon

Type Shareware

Version 3.12

Size 61.2 MB

Other versions

3.12 1.82