PhotoFiltre is a photo editor with which you’ll be able to retouch and optimize any image in minutes.

This application appears as a simpler alternative to programs such as Adobe Photoshop, for users who want to get quick results without wasting time learning to use the thousands of tools in more complex editors.

Give your photographs a professional touch

PhotoFiltre is simple to use, but it doesn’t mean that it sacrifices functionality. It includes a variety of tools with which you’ll be able to retouch images to achieve high-quality results. For a start, this application lets you to edit independently by layers, allowing you to pay great attention to detail without altering other parts of the image.

All the basic tools you expect in an editor are present. You’ll be able to cut, copy, rotate, resize and trim images the way you want. Besides, it will be easy for you to adjust colors, saturation, transparency and brightness, among other things. But PhotoFiltre doesn’t stop there: it also includes a large variety of filters and special effects to apply to your photographs, to achieve unique and impressive results.

A simple and lightweight editor

One of PhotoFiltre’s main benefits is its ease of use. Although at first sight the interface seems intimidating due to the large number of buttons, it won’t cause you any effort to always find the tool you need. This is because no function is hidden under a dropdown menu, and all options are grouped intuitively.

Another feature that you’ll surely like is that PhotoFiltre is much more lightweight for the computer than other, more complex editors. It means that you’ll be able to work quickly and efficiently, even if you don’t have one of the latest computers. Since PhotoFiltre doesn’t require a lot of system resources, you’ll be able to simultaneously run other programs, without noticing a slowdown, or screen freezes, while you work.

In summary, PhotoFiltre is a complete application with which you’ll be able to carry out most tasks that you perform with other editors, but in a much simpler way, without a high impact on your system. Download PhotoFiltre for free and start working with your creativity!

• Lets you work by layers
• Doesn’t use a lot of resources
• Easy to use compared to similar applications
• Wide range of options

• Nothing to report

PhotoFiltre limitations:
• 30-day trial
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Type Shareware

Version 10.12.1

Size 10.65 MB

Other versions

10.12.1 10.10.1 10.8.0 10.7.3 10.5.0