The most versatile editor for personalizing your images


  • Massive arsenal of tools for editing images.
  • Easy to use compared to similar programs.
  • Integrated online features.
  • Large number of available effects.


  • Some functions are a bit too basic and lack some advanced options

Having a good images editor is essential for getting the most out of photos. The average user normally has to decide between ease of use and the amount of tools, since most programs fall on one side or the other. One program, however, that manages to tick both boxes is PhotoScape.

PhotoScape: Prepare for professional results

PhotoScape is an image editor designed for the average user, who possesses a basic knowledge of graphic editing and needs a image editor that offers great tools when it comes to modifying photos. PhotoScape offers professional-standard results, to the point where it can easily replace other programs when it comes to carrying out basic tasks. Image editing is only one of the functions of PhotoScape—it also includes some attractive extras such as the creation of GIFs, or the option to make photo montages.

Colors and forms

PhotoScape is ideal for doing those tasks that we always need to do, but never end up being that straightforward. With PhotoScape you can choose personalized workflows depending on your objectives. For example, it’s possible to correct the color and brightness of an image, redimension a whole set of photos, make a presentation, and create good-quality GIF animations.

PhotoScape also has advanced printing support, an option to make collages, and other similar tools, its main objective being that you not suffer every time you need to do something on the computer.
Having a photo editing program is important, and you’ll discover the most versatile one when you download PhotoScape.

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Type Freeware

Version 3.7

Size 20.37 MB

Other versions

3.7 3.6.5 3.6.4 3.6.2 3.6