Fix photography errors and add special effects with this image editor

PhotoSun 14 is an image editor with which you’ll be able to correct errors in your photographs and improve their general look, to achieve a professional result.

PhotoSun 14 lets you carry out all sorts of basic editing task, such as removing red eyes, correcting exposure, modifying brightness, balancing contrast, adjusting sharpness and changing colors, among other things. It also lets you change the size, rotate the image and trim borders, to achieve a perfect photograph, regardless of the circumstances under which you took it.

But PhotoSun 14 carries out much more than simply correct errors or improve blurred photographs: it includes a large gallery of special effects, with which you can give your images a personal touch. You’ll also add frames for a professional finish or create collages to show off your best pictures. As you might expect, you’ll be able to view all changes in real time in the preview section, so you won’t have any doubts about what the finished product will look like.

Another of PhotoSun 14’s functions with which you’ll be able to display your photographs is the slideshow module. You’ll add the images you want to show, connect them with customized animations and even have access to background music, to complement the work.

Apart from offering you innumerable tools to explore your creativity and improve your photographs’ look, Photo Sun 14 also helps you publish your work. For a start, it lets you share images on Facebook, by simply clicking a button, to let all your friends see your projects. You’ll also be able to send images as email attachments, or print them without leaving the program interface.

In summary, this application is an excellent photo editor with which you’ll correct and improve your images in just a few steps, and then share them with your contacts. What are you waiting for to download PhotoSun 14 for free?

• Integration with social networks
• Gallery of special effects
• Lets you create slideshow presentations

• Doesn’t include many advanced features

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Type Freeware


Size 68.02 MB

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