The deal behind Pixate is that any idea develops easily when you go see in action

In the mobile world there are more and more apps that dazzle us by their wits. Like any project, it begins with an idea. Pixate is the best way to get your ideas to begin taking shape.

Pixate is a Windows program that can create mockups of your apps. The advantage of Pixate against any other traditional method of work is that it creates functional models, which you can try on various mobile devices: Android or Apple. But there is an additional advantage: Pixate does not ask you to write any code.

The idea behind Pixate is that any idea develops easily when you go see in action. To be specific: Is it better a horizontal or vertical displacement? Where to place the menu? What happens when the user touches the screen quickly twice? How the app adapts to different screen sizes? With Pixate you will no longer have to imagine it, you just have to sit at the computer and do it.

With Pixate not only you can develop your ideas more quickly, but it will also be easier to explain to your customers. Since it has support for teamwork, Pixate also increase the productivity of your coworkers.

Until recently, Pixate was an independent company offering development services through a payment platform. Recently, Pixate was acquired by Google, who have decided on a new strategy for the software: the app is free, but the cloud storage of Pixate has a monthly cost.

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