Plants vs. Zombies


Plants vs. Zombies, an innovative game for PC


  • You’ll be hooked for hours.
  • Funny sound effects.
  • Attractive graphics.
  • Contains a lot of humour.


  • Some upgrades are quite expensive.

The battle to defend your home is about to begin in Plants vs. Zombies. The walking dead have decided to obliterate the planet we know and set up a new order in which they call the shots. Don’t worry, though. You have some powerful friends to help you defend the planet: the plants!

Plants vs Zombies, the battle between plants and zombies to end all battles

If you’re not already familiar with Plants vs. Zombies, the mechanics are similar to any other ‘tower defense’ game: hold back the waves of enemies long enough for you to be able to plant (quite literally, in this case!) the necessary weapons to wipe the invaders out.

Strategy and action come together in this game to guarantee hours of fun. You’ll need to dig deep to defeat the zombies; however, there are two things they didn’t count on: 1) you’re not going to give in that easily, and 2) you have the help of over 50 species of plants to repel their attacks.

Manage your resources wisely

At first, as in most games, things are easy. You have plenty of resources, the zombies are pretty stupid, and the waves of attacks are easy to deal with. But don’t think for a second that it’s going to stay that way; the zombies will become more powerful, increasing their capacity to ruin your garden.

You’ll need a top strategy in order to survive. Generate resources, keep an eye on your spending, upgrade your weapons in relation to the zombies that are attacking, and find the most efficient way to pass each level. If it’s a challenge you’re after, you won't have to wait long.

Download Plants vs. Zombies, and rediscover your green fingers! Awaken the warrior within, harness the power of the plants and send the undead back where they belong.

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Type Demo

Version 3.1

Size 40.73 MB

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