Plex Media Server


Plex Media Server: watch all your movies anywhere


  • Multimedia center for your Mac.
  • Very easy to use.
  • It is safe.
  • Broadcast contents from a distance.


  • To configure it can be a little bit tedious.

In computer’s world, every so often appear new initials to which we have to get use. Although more of them fall into oblivion, it’s not the case of HTPC, which is no other thing that ‘Home Theater Personal Computer’: computers dedicated to offer home entertainment.

Plex Media Server is almost the HTPC of reference actually. It is about a platform that allows you to list all the videos you have on your Mac and to let them available to enjoy them on the same Mac or in other devices. It means, a HTPC from your own Mac.

Plex Media Server counts with a wide range of functions that is typical to find on payment software, but this is a free version of the program. The good thing is that Plex Media Server is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, Chromecast, etc. If you start to watch a movie and you stop it at any point, the program remembers where you did it and it lets you to continue watching in other device.

Plex Media Server is simple to use and it counts with great security measures, because even it is possible to accede to the contents in a remote way using a browser. The only aspect dissuasive of Plex Media Server is that there are some technical aspects that are a little bit more complicated to configure, but nothing that documentation, Google or a computer friend can’t solve.

Download Plex Media Server, the new way to enjoy contents from your Mac.

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