Watch all you favorite movies and listen to your music with these brilliant media player

Plex is a media player with which you’ll be able to enjoy images, audio or video on your computer, without requiring several applications. It also works as an online server that lets you carry out streaming directly to your player, without having to visit other websites.

Find everything you need in a single place

Plex Media includes an excellent multimedia library in which you can organize and manage all the contents on your computer and online. You’ll not only be able to customize the content presentation, but also assign tags and information to make it much simpler to find your movies, songs or images.

If you want, you’ll be able to automatically recover information and metadata from the Internet. Thus, you won’t have to manually edit the artist name and the album cover for your favorite songs, since Plex will do this for you. Besides, the multimedia library will be updated automatically every time you add local media on your computer, so you’ll always find even the latest items you obtained.

The built-in player in Plex Media Server will let you enjoy all your contents in the best quality. Besides, it is self-sufficient, and doesn’t require you to install any external plug-in to play audio or video. That means you won’t encounter any compatibility problem or error when you want to relax and entertain.

But Plex doesn’t only let you play back local media; it also lets you watch movies, listen to music and watch online television with its streaming service. This will let you access a large number of popular sources, both free and paid, such as YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, etc.

Plex Media Center divides its functionality in two parts. On one hand, you’ll access Plex Media Manager, where you’ll organize and access all the media contents stored on your computer. On the other hand, in Plex Channels you’ll centralize your channel management and online streaming services.

Although configuring Plex can take some time, it´s worth the trouble to get an impeccable service. You won’t need to use any other application, or download any plug-in, to be able to enjoy absolutely all your media contents, both local and on the Internet.

What are you waiting for to download Plex Media Server?

• Well-organized interface
• The possibility to do streaming from diverse sources
• Requires no external add-ons
• Excellent media library

• Uses a lot of memory

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