Pokemon: Generations


The Pokémon universe never ends with Pokémon: Generations!


  • Combines role-playing, action and adventure in equal parts
  • Includes very well-designed 3D graphics
  • Periodic updates
  • Includes complete control over the characters
  • Lets you choose between a man and a woman for the game


  • Doesn’t yet have enough customization options

Pokémon: Generations is an RPG that includes multiple action and adventure elements in an extremely challenging title. With the well-designed 3D graphics, this edition proposes an experience that fans of the mythic saga will not want to miss.

In Pokémon: Generations Online you’ll plunge right into another Pokémon game for the PC, although you’ll have access to a completely renewed episode, with multiple options included day after day. In this case, the title will try to close the gap between RBY and GSC games and will present periodic updates after its definitive release.

With the logic typical for games that appeal to 3D technology for their graphics display, when you play Pokémon: Generations you’ll move through a well-designed environment, ideal for followers of one of the main Japanese anime sequels. This results in a complete reinvention of the art of graphics, which catches your attention.

In Pokémon: Generations – 3D Pokémon Adventure you’ll enjoy an episode that completely redefines the history of the Pokémon masters, since it represents a perfect combination of the shadow cell with the development of classic cartoons and the anime aesthetics. Also, unlike similar games, here you’ll be able to completely control your Pokémon, carry out all sorts of moves and combat each of the opponents that confront you.

It should be noted, however, that it isn’t yet possible to fully customize characters, due in great part to this free indie game’ development stage. You do have the option of choosing between a man and a woman to carry out your game, and you can add different type of clothing for each of them, for the head, torso and feet. These options will expand over time, since more colors and models will be offered.

In summary, if you want to experience a role-playing, action and adventure game that you’ll find very fun if you are a Pokémon fan, don’t miss the chance to download Pokémon: Generations for free.

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Type Freeware

Version 4.0

Size 4.76 MB

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