Pokémon GO: let’s have some walk, find the Pokémons and gotta catch ’em all!


  • New gaming experience
  • Augmented reality
  • You will be in shape


  • Consumes a lot of battery

Finally, the day in which Pokémon arrive to our real lifes has come. And all it’s possible thanks to the new game for mobile devices: Pokémon GO, a game both for Pokémon fans and also for players who want a new way to play a game. Because Pokémon GO is, above all things: a new and innovative experience on mobile phones games.

A high Augmented Reality

Pokémon GO keeps the main objective of the original game: to catch all the Pokémons around the world, either if you defeat them in a combat or if you find them in ‘wild’ status. But the biggest feature that makes different Pokémon GO is that the world you have to go across is not a virtual world anymore, but you have to interact with the real world.
For that, your device uses the camera as a viewfinder that allows you to see the Pokémons in any place of the environment: over a car, in the middle of the street, in a park, etc. You will see a map of the place you are, with all the streets and a radar will warn you if a Pokémon appears. Besides, there is a complement called Pokémon Go Plus that will warn you about all the near Pokémons without the need of taking a look at your device all the time.

Mystic, Valor or Instinct

As you go catching Pokémons on Pokémon GO, you’ll go earning more prestige as a trainer. At a point, you will have to join a determined team, which can be Mystic, Valor or Instinct; each one of them represented by Articuno, Moltress and Zapdos, respectively. Once you choose one of the teams you can’t change it, so you can talk with your friends to be on the same team or maybe to be in different teams to fight and discover who is better.

You will walk a lot

Be ready to walk with Pokémon GO. You’ll have to find new Pokémons and also to find the Pokéstops to get poké balls and the Gyms to fight against other Pokémons and to control the Gym to win more prestige and experience.

The most interest part is that you will walk and play outside your home, finding other players that are trying to catch a lot of Pokémons too, so you can go with your friends and spend hours going across your neighborhood.

Take care

The negative thing about Pokémon GO is that consumes a lot of battery of your device because uses the GPS all the time and your screen is always on. Although it’s true that servers have been collapsed during the first days of the launching, everything is going back to normal and the game works fine, despite of some minimum error that will be fixed in a patch surely.
But we want to warn you about something more important: take special care of yourself, watch carefully where you are walking to not have any kind of accident and don’t enter into private spaces.

Is it true that players are awaiting other interesting features and elements from the previous games and the cartoon series, so if you want to be up to date with the rest of news and chapters of Pokémon series, don’t miss the app Pokémon TV.

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Type Freeware

Version 0.29.0

Size 58.06 MB

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