Pokémon GO


Want to discover the revolutionizing Pokémon GO? Find it out here


  • An Augmented Reality game as never seen before
  • Social interaction with other players
  • You will walk a lot and you will be in shape


  • Consumes the battery of your device very quickly

Pokémon GO is the trendy actually. During the first days of its launching, it has been positioned in the top of the most downloaded apps, above apps like Facebook or WhatsApp. Now we are going to tell you why.

Find Pokémons thanks to the Augmented Reality

The main new about Pokémon GO is that its gameplay is totally different of what you are used to be with Pokémon games. You will be the trainer to find and catch all the Pokémons to use them in battles, yes, we don’t argue this; but Pokémon GO uses the Augmented Reality to find all the Pokémons in the real world. Yes, you will see the Pokémons on your bedroom, on the street, even at the park. But you’ll only see them if you point with your iPhone to the correct direction. Don’t worry because the iPhone will work also as a map and it will allow you to catch them.

The Battlefield: the real world

In Pokémon Go you will have to go outside your home to find all the Pokémons. You will have to use the GPS of your device to know where you are and to move through the map of the area where you are, with all the streets well indicated.
As you go walking through the streets, the radar included on Pokémon GO will warn you if a Pokémon appears around. Besides, on the map you will see other spots such as the Pokéstops, where you can get more Poké Balls to catch the Pokémons, as well as the Gyms that are created by other users and where they have a powerful Pokémon to control them. If you defeat the Pokémon of the Gym, you will have the control and you will have to put your best Pokémon to defend it.

Choose your team and control a Gym

Until you reach level 5, you only can catch Pokémons. Once you reach that level, you can join one of the 3 different teams: Instinct –yellow-, Valor –red-, or Mystic –blue-. Besides, if you find a Gym which color is white, it means that is neutral and nobody controls it, so you can take the control of it and to invite your friends so they can train their creatures there. Moreover, the one who defeats all the members of the Gym will become the owner of itself.

Walk; walk a lot if you want to be a master

Gotta catch ‘em all! Yes, we all know the main motto of Pokémon. But in Pokémon GO it won’t be so easy to do it: you’ll have to walk, -to walk a lot- to find all the Pokémons of the collection. Actually, there are available the Pokémons of the first generation, which are around 150, while we’ll have to wait a little bit longer for more Pokémons and the legendary ones.
Moreover, there are some other elements of the previous games and the Anime series that we don’t know how will be included in this game, so well have to wait until new features appear.

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