Pokémon: Survival Island


Pokémon: Survival Island

Pokémon: Survival Island is a PC role-playing game that transfers the classic adventures of the Pokémon titles from consoles to computers. Its main innovation is the creation of elements that make up part of the adventure’s main scenario, in a style similar to Minecraft.

The game’s story starts with the sinking of the ship in which the main character was travelling; after the shipwreck he’ll have to swim to a deserted island and try to survive in the midst of dangerous creatures. At first, his only company is a single Pokémon, which will be fundamental to win the first battles and catch new species.

After downloading Pokémon: Survival Island for free you’ll have to choose, among an wide number of Pokémon, the one you want to go along with on your adventure. To do this, you can simply type its name in uppercase, or choose by type or randomly.

The main functions that stand out in the game are to obtain the pokeballs. These objects are essential to store all the Pokémon that you trap in the fights.

The gameplay is similar to other Pokémon PC games that you have seen. Confrontations are turn-based, you choose the type of attack you want to carry out, and you can flee as well as use a healing object. On the other hand, the fighters will evolve into more powerful creatures as the fights advance.

The game map is very large, and the island contains many mysteries. During your stay there it´s possible to find ancient temples from some ancient civilization, which can contain Pokémon and strange objects.

Pokémon: Survival Island has a very well-designed 8-bit graphics look and is based on the classic titles for portable Nintendo consoles. Its sound combines with the saga’s storyline and constantly entertains the user experience.

In summary, Pokémon: Survival Island is one of the best free indie games for computers. If you are a fan of role-playing and saga games, you’ll not want to miss this chance.

• Essence of the classic Pokémon games
• Innovative main storyline
• Large number of Pokémon
• The possibility to create pokéballs
• Doesn’t use a lot of the PC’s resources

• Not enough changes in gameplay
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Type Freeware

Version 11.1b

Size 33.55 MB

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