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Pokemon World Online

Pokémon World Online is a massive online game based on the incredibly successful Nintendo franchise. The title is not official, and it was created by fans, but it includes all the original elements, places and creatures of the Pokémon world.

You’ll start your adventure in Starters Island, SaltSpray Bay, where you’ll receive your Pokedex and your first pokémon. Once you get familiar with the basic controls, you’ll be able to plunge into a world of adventure, confronting the savage pokémons that hide between the weeds, to capture and train them. You’ll also battle against other trainers and characters, as well as competing for medals in the different gyms.

Up to this point, everything is very similar to the titles on the portable consoles, but PWO has several differences. The first one is that both, in battles against the savage pokémons and against trainers you’ll receive pokedolars that will let you buy in-game items. The second one is that all these confrontations will help you increase your reputation, unlocking new opponents, abilities and objects. More content is constantly being added to the server, so you’ll always have new things to explore.

But what stands out the most in Pokémon Online is the large number of users like you who enjoy the title all over the world. You’ll be able to challenge them to a duel to try out your abilities and gain more reputation, or exchange pokémons and objects. Although most of the online Pokémon community speaks English or Portuguese, you’ll find people from all over the world, so there will always be somebody who communicates in your language.

How to register in Pokémon World

To play Pokémon Online you have to create an account on the official page. The process is not overly complicated, but it´s somewhat different to other servers, so it can require a bit more effort. The first thing you need to know is that a registration key is required, which you get by completing a form. You must specify a valid email account, since the password to complete the process will be sent to it.

Under the title “Your Request Form” is the form you must fill out correctly. Type your address in the “Email” field, and in the field “Sum Answer”, type the answer to a simple mathematical operation shown in “Pass Sum”. Remember that if the result has less than two digits, you must add a “0” in front for the system to recognize it as valid.

Next you’ll see a field with the title “Request Code”. There you’ll find a number of characters that you must modify slightly. The instructions to do this are in the upper part, under the title “Change Character”. You’ll be told to change some symbols (?, @, %, $, etc.) to a specific letter and to change the “
  1. ” to the second character of your email address.

Once these steps are completed, click on “Send Request” to receive your registration key in your email, within three hours at most. When you have it, go back to the registration page and type it in the fields under the title “Submit Registration Key”. If it´s correct, you’ll be taken to the page where you’ll finally be able to choose your account name and complete all your personal information.

That’s all. You must simply follow these steps and enter the fantastic world of Pokémon Online. You’ll enjoy adventures, confront users from all over the world and discover impressive secrets in this attractive game.

What are you waiting for to be a Pokémon master? Download Pokémon World Online for free!

• A world similar to the one from the Nintendo games
• Large number of pokémons, objects and trainers
• Extended and active community
• New contents are continuously being added

• Complicated registration process
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Type Freeware

Version 0.0

Size 40.38 MB

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