A fast and comprehensive Chromium-based browser

Polarity is a browser based on Chromium and on the Trident Web rendering engines. This alternative will provide you with considerable speed, as well as multiple additional features.

When you download Polarity Browser you’ll encounter a Web browser that includes the best qualities of similar programs, such as Google chromium. This will ensure you a more stable browsing; also, the last session started is saved and automatically restarted whenever there is any problem.

Besides, with Polarity you’ll experience greater online security, thanks to a number of filters that will detect malicious sites and will alert you about any sort of threat that might harm your computer. You’ll also have an effective online advertisement blocker that will stop up to 90% of annoying popups and malicious advertisements.

Undoubtedly, one of this Web browser’s greatest benefits is its great processing speed. This is essentially due to the boost it receives from the ChomiumV8 engine, with which its multiprocessing architecture is activated, and the use of RAM memory is optimized to increase the speed.

On the other hand, with the inclusion of Internet Explorer’s Trident Web rendering engine, you’ll notice important additional benefits. You’ll also enjoy additional qualities, such as an HTML editor, a URL prediction mechanism, a proxy manager and a preview window, among others.

In summary, if you want to have a Web browser that includes multiple optimizations based on the best browser standards, this is your chance. Experience greater speed, security and stability by downloading Polarity for free!

• Includes Google Chromium
• Adds the Trident Web rendering engine
• Maximizes speed, stability and security while browsing
• Powerful advertisement blocking system
• Has an HTML editor
• Has a multiprocessor architecture

• Nothing to report

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Type Free (GPL)

Version 9.3.6

Size 1.15 MB

Other versions

9.3.6 9.3.5 9.2.3 9.1.3 9.1.1