Police: Destruction Street


Want to relive the days of classic GTA? This game tries to do just that, with even more chaos


  • Simple controls allow you to start playing quickly
  • Comic book style of animation adds drama to the game
  • Fast-paced music keeps you motivated
  • Objective-based gameplay
  • Multiple difficulty settings
  • Multiple languages supported


  • Distinct lack of realism
  • Score serves no real function
  • Game becomes boring after a time

Police: Destruction Street is a free arcade-style action driving game for PC (Windows), developed by Play Publishing, in which you patrol the streets as a police car, driving away criminals to keep the streets safe. 

The Mayhem of Police Work

While patrolling the streets as a police officer, one can only imagine the kinds of people you encounter, and how you might deal with them. This game appears to flat out ignore the central premise of managing a scene and maintaining order, instead opting for utter street carnage akin to the likes of Grand Theft Auto, all represented in a humorous comic book style of animation.

Game Mechanics, Features and How to Play

Police: Destruction Street is exactly how it sounds: a veritable smash fest in which your police car will slam into criminals, buildings, lamp posts, and even other vehicles, all for the sake of order. Allegedly. When you begin the game, you are immediately tossed into the action. Environments are presented from above, overlooking a small section of city and your car at any one point - hence the Grand Theft Auto references. Although this is a 2D space similar to GTA, the game is still presented in three dimensions. 

Graphically, the game is very similar to a comic strip. Textures are fairly basic, drawing is done using clean, thick black lines. Objects such as trees are particularly prominent. Any in-game instructions provided even have white dialogue boxes with black comic book font. Most noticeable, however, are when you collide with obstacles such as bins, lamp posts, and even other people, which will toss up "Bam", "Pow", "Wham", "Crash" and other giant words - again just like in comics. This definitely adds a welcome touch of humor to the game, making every encounter even more dramatic. The music adds to this too, offering what sounds like an interpretation of 'Flight of the Bumble Bee' only with electric guitars. If anything, it's more fast-paced, which in turn helps dictate the game's pace. 

Controls could not be simpler to learn, consisting only of directional buttons for moving your vehicle, and mouse buttons for firing your weapon. A green arrow, controlled by your mouse, is also used to mark your current objective. For most objectives, however, destroying objects can be done using your vehicle. 

Core Gameplay

Gameplay is ultimately quite linear. After you leave your starting point, a red circle, you must drive around searching for objectives to complete. When you pass over one of these, the objective counter will appear in the bottom right of the screen, as well as a timer for completing it. Objectives include scaring away criminals, destroying vehicles or buildings and many more. All of these are just as chaotic, as you'll likely end up smashing your car into whatever objectives you have, or blowing them up with bombs. Once you have completed an objective, you must return to the red circle and look for others. 

While driving around, you will also encounter various collectibles which increase your score or contribute to your objectives. While the game can be played with complete reckless abandon, which in a way is part of the fun, to achieve higher scores you'll need to do some searching. Despite this completionist-friendly aspect, a lack of anything to do other than smashing things becomes tedious fast, and the game can get quite repetitive once you've all but leveled the city.

In terms of realism, the game offers little or none. Buildings and cars collapse almost instantly. Your police car is insanely durable, capable of toppling these buildings and destroying cars and trucks more than twice its size in seconds. Must be a new model, or a tank in disguise. As with many games of this type, however, the game has no need to approach reality. 

If you're finding the game to be boring after a time, one way to make gameplay more interesting is to increase the difficulty level from the main menu

If you're finding the game to be boring after a time, one way to make gameplay more interesting is to increase the difficulty level from the main menu. If you find the chaotic nature of the game too tough to handle, raising the difficulty will also offer a measure of focus by modifying the length of time you are given to complete objectives as well as the work involved in completing them. 

The Verdict

Police: Destruction Street is a fun way to spend your time if you're looking for unbridled, endless amounts of destruction like older GTA titles. The simple and responsive controls allow you to hop into the action immediately, offering an objective-based city map to explore. Objectives are limited to out and out smashing of objects and other people. The user interface is relatively simple, too, clearly displaying your objectives and timer on the screen. The game, however, can be become quite boring after a time, and it appears to completely abandon any sense of realism, in part due to its underdevelopment. Overall, however, despite these setbacks the core gameplay is enjoyable and it's definitely worth downloading

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