Portable EF Duplicate Files Manager (U3)


Portable EF Duplicate Files Manager (U3)

EF Duplicate Files Manager (U3) is the portable edition of this useful application that will let you delete duplicate files and free up space on your hard disk.

Thanks to its cyclical redundancy check (CRC32), this powerful software will carry out a detailed analysis on your entire computer, looking for identical photographs, documents, spreadsheets, and MP3 files, to let you eliminate them to optimize your system’s operation without any complication.

EF Duplicate Files Manager (U3) has a very user-friendly interface with drag-and-drop commands, so you won’t have much trouble starting to use it. You’ll be able to configure the analysis type you want for the files, and determine the search pattern (customized or predefined). This version is especially designed to take it with you on any external storage device and work with it on different computers.

Besides, EF Duplicate Files Manager (U3) includes a powerful complete binary (byte by byte) comparison engine that will ensure that real duplicates are found, both on the PC and on external devices (MP3 players, USB memory, digital cameras, etc.)

This program will let you save the search results in a folder from which you can later import them again, in case you need to analyze the data. For your convenience, EF Duplicate Files Manager (U3) lets you protect files that are critical to the system, and thus avoid eliminating any contents that might cause any type of error.

Download EF Duplicate Files Manager (U3) for free now and optimize your computer’s performance in the simplest way, and in just a few seconds.

EF Duplicate Files Manager (U3 limitations):
• 30-day trial
• Restricted features
• Purchase or registration reminder
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Type Shareware

Version 5.80

Size 134 B

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