Portable Winamp


Portable Winamp

Winamp is one of the most famous multimedia freeware programs. It is a pretty straightforward music and video player, supporting a wide range of audio and video formats, such as MP3, AAC, NSV, WMV, MPG and more. This version is portable, and therefore it can be used on mobile devices.
Winamp’s cool features include the ability to listen to online radio stations, access TV channels, new skins to suit your preferred theme display, easy organization of audio files, drag and drop of selected files from any directory to the Winamp playlist window.
A pull-down menu on the main window shows an equalizer that allows users to customize audio frequencies or choose from pre-set equalization settings. It also includes a button to display a variety of colorful visualization effects that will be in synch with the beat of the music being played.
The minimum system requirements are: 400MHz Pentium II processor, 64Mb of RAM, 10MB Hard Disc Space, 16bit soundcard, Windows OS not older than Win 98. However, it is always recommended to use higher PC specs for better performance.
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Type Freeware

Version 5.5

Size 12.98 MB

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