Adopt and take care of your own alien pet, play minigames, earn coins, achievements and more


  • Name your pet whatever you want
  • Take care of it by feeding it, playing with it, cleaning up after it and talking to it
  • Play an assortment of minigames like platforms, races and more
  • Share your experiences with your friends and visit their Pous
  • High level of customization for your Pou's appearance and its room
  • Collect coins for your achievements while you play
  • Create potions to help your Pou grow
  • Supports over a dozen languages
  • Simple point-and-click controls using BlueStacks App Player


  • Not that difficult


Your Very Own Pet for your PC

Many of us own pets in our homes such as cats, dogs, fish, etc. These all require a great deal of time and effort to take care of, and for that we're rewarded with their loyalty and love. In gaming world, these feels are well represented in a wide range of virtual pet games where you take care of a similar pet. Pou is a highly popular example of this. If you've ever wanted to take care of a real alien pet, now is your chance by adopting your very own Pou.

Because there is no dedicated PC version of Pou app, players must use an alternative method if they want to play it. Playing your Android apps on your PC can be achieved by downloading and installing BlueStacks. This will allow you to play any of all the Android apps in full-screen mode with point-and-click controls. This is an extremely handy program for anyone looking to try out apps using a more comfortable interface than a conventional touchscreen. Once that's done, you're all set. 

Core Gameplay and Features

The core gameplay is very easy to pick up. To start off, you'll adopt and name your pet -this can be whatever you want-. It has a level, like in an RPG title, and you can earn experience points by completing several tasks.

The general objective is to look after your pet as best you can, level it up and help it growing into an adult. This can be quite tough to achieve: if it's hungry, you have to feed it; if it's making a mess, you have to clean it up; if it's bored, you have to play with it; all comparable to real life pets. Depending on the kinds of treats you feed your Pou, it will react differently. It might even get sick, so you have to be careful and learn what it likes. This makes the experience of looking after your pet highly immersive and interesting.

Playing with your Pou is highly entertaining, since the game will offer a small set of minigames to play including racing games, platform games, matching games and more, all with bright, lively colors and settings. As you progress through them you'll be able to collect coins which can be used in the in-game store. Through the Potions lab, you can even mix up some concoctions to help Pou along his way, including health bonuses, extra fat removal, stat bonuses, growth and more. This gives something great to do for those who like to complete everything, alongside a host of achievements and special items to unlock throughout your playthrough. There are some microtransactions involved here, but they are small compared with how much is offered for free.

When your Pou gets really bored, you can take him outside, enjoying the daytime sun next to his hut, playing some soccer, visiting the beach or even travelling to snow-filled locales. Whatever you can imagine, Pou can go there. Keeping your Pou entertained is not only limited to feeding, cleaning and playing with it. The game also has a ton of ways to customize your Pou's appearance to your liking, adding another playful element to the game. Dress it up in bee costumes, dresses, cowboy hats, glasses, army uniforms and change its hairstyle using wigs to have the most fun with your alien companion. You can also design the room's background your Pou is in to best suit his new attire.

Best of all, Pou gives the option to play with other players and share your experiences. Visit their pets and show off your own and create a community for your pet. This is always a nice feature to have if you appreciate the more social side of gaming, as I do. 

The Verdict

Pou for PC is a great way to spend your time if you're looking for something fun, simple and highly rewarding to do. All you need to get started it to set up BlueStacks, with which you can also play a similar game like Tamagotchi Life, sync your Android app to the App Player, and start it up. Taking care of Pou has a great sense of realism to it, allowing you to talk to it, play with it and feed it just like a regular pet. The assortment of minigames will also appeal to other types of gamer, letting you earn coins to buy potions, unlock achievements and more. The high level of customization is also very impressive, with plenty of wigs, costumes and colorful attire to keep you entertained indefinitely. Pou is an excellent app and one which I recommend you try. Though it is not the most difficult of games, it's very fun to play. Download it now and see for yourself.



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Type Freeware

Version 1.4.73

Size 20.88 MB

Other versions

1.4.73 1.4.69 1.4.67 1.4.53 1.4.35