Power CD+G Burner


Power CD+G Burner, a comprehensive burner for CDs with CD+G files


  • New tool for CD+G extensions
  • Integrated online features
  • Wide range of options
  • Good-quality results


  • Limited format support

Power CD+G Burner is an interesting audio tool for altering specific types of CDs, and more.

This program works with CD+G extensions, a disk format that stores simple graphics that can be played at the same time as the audio. It’s a mode that’s widely used by karaoke programs and games that need to display instructions. With Power CD+G Burner you’ll be able to transfer stored information from your CD to your PC, keeping the same characteristics. You’ll also be able to burn entire disks with all your CD+G files.

Using the program is very straightforward: just drag and drop the files you want to store, and the program will take charge of saving them to the current recording device. The software supports various types of CD+G extensions, such as, BIN, WAV, MP3, KMA, and others, all of them with their respective graphics included. 

Lastly, it’s important to highlight that Power CD+G Burner gives you access to a complete online database, in which you can search for music by worldwide artists, and it also has a feature for creating integrated backup copies whenever you need to. In short, it’s a program that’s slick and easy to use; essential for any PC-owner.

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Type Demo

Version 2.0.7

Size 16.21 MB

Other versions

2.0.7 1.7.16 1.7.10