Manage your disk images with ease


  • Takes up little space.
  • Easy to run compared to similar programs.
  • Lets you create your own disk images.


  • The look is a bit dated.

PowerISO is a program that mainly works with ISO images, but is also compatible with many other formats, such as NRG, DAA, and BIN. The main aim of the program is to allow you to create virtual units on your computer in order to store any kind of disk images and play them as if they were physical disks. PowerISO also is a great choice when it comes to copying images for physical playback.

Manage all virtual images

PowerISO is easy to install and use. Create images not only in ISO, but also BIN, NRG, and DDA. The functions that the program has varies from editing, to compressing, to encrypting images, and even to protecting them with a password and dividing the file in half. If you need to extract the content from an ISO, PowerISO is also able to do so.

PowerISO is ideal for creating virtual images from your own physical disks. It doesn’t matter if you created the images, if they were shared via a friend, or downloaded onto your computer;  for PowerISO the only thing that matters is what you want to do with it.

Make the most of your content

PowerISO converts from one format to another and copies images that have CD or DVD support. Additionally, it organizes virtual units without needing to use a disk.

In short, the idea of PowerISO is that you can make the most of your content. Supposing that you wanted to make backup copies of your DVD collection, or extract audio tracks from your music CDs; PowerISO will let you do this no problem. And if you create a disk images with your DVD or CD, you can then put it on a virtual unit or even burn it onto a new blank disk.

PowerISO is extremely versatile. If you can manage your collection with ease, then its job has been fulfilled.

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Type Shareware

Version 6.7 (32-bit)

Size 3.79 MB

Other versions

6.7 (32-bit) 6.7 (64-bit) 6.6 (32-bit) 6.6 (64-bit) 6.4 (64-bit)