Print Inspector


Print Inspector

Print Inspector is a program that manages print jobs in your LAN and collects statistics for each user and printer.
Print Inspector is an efficient and reliable print management and auditing solution for your corporate network. This software allows you to manage the print jobs queued to any shared printer (you can pause or cancel any job, view the printed document properties, resume the job or start over it and print the document from the very beginning) and provides easy access to the printer and print server settings. Print Inspector also features powerful print auditing capabilities: it saves to the special database detailed statistics about all printed documents. A built-in reporting tool lets you create a variety of reports based on the collected data (the report can be as simple as the list of all printed jobs or can include detailed statistics for all printed documents and all users). You can also export all data to CSV format and examine it with Microsoft Excel or other similar tool.
This shareware works well with Win 98 and 2000.
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Type Shareware

Version 7.0

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