Protect your privacy with the best software: PrivaZer


  • Easy to use compared to similar applications
  • Requires no installation
  • Erases files permanently
  • Compatible with portable devices


  • Not as complete as other programs

PrivaZer is a security tool designed to protect your privacy.

With normal use, traces are left of all activities carried out on the computer. Temporary files or changes to the history can betray your actions. These “tracks” not only use up space and affect the computer’s general performance; there is also the risk that malicious people use them to steal information.

Use your computer without leaving tracks

When using the Internet, your browser saves a lot of information about your activity. This information can be used by third parties, to find out what you do on the Web. This is much more likely to happen if you share the computer with other users, both at home and at work, but it´s also possible to access it over a network.

PrivaZer will permanently eliminate browsing tracks, as well as deleting cookies and temporary Internet files. That way you’ll protect your private information from any attack.

But your computer also records your off-line activity, therefore PrivaZer also includes tools to get rid of local tracks. Thus, you’ll be able to analyze your computer searching for unnecessary files that compromise your security or that simply use up space. Remember that the first scan can take quite a while, especially if your hard disk has a large capacity. However, with regular maintenance the process will get much faster.

This program will clean your hard disk intelligently, to maximize free space and improve your computer’s performance. It will also empty the USB or any other storage device. In case you have sensitive or private data, you’ll be able to delete them definitely, without the possibility to be recovered.

Another PrivaZer’s great benefits is that it´s completely portable. That means you’ll be able to take it on a USB key and use it on any computer, at any time, without installing it. Thus, you’ll keep your privacy safe at home, in your office, in a cybercafé or anywhere else.

PrivaZer is a very efficient program that will achieve lasting and fast results. You’ll be able to use it in combination with applications such as CCleaner to completely optimize your computer.

In summary, if you want to keep your privacy safe, PrivaZer is the tool you are looking for. Download it for free!

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Type Freeware

Version 3.0.50

Size 7.09 MB

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