Pro Tools 10


An excellent suite that you can make amazing music with


  • Can be expanded with add-ons
  • MIDI composer with virtual instruments
  • The possibility to correct sections of the recording
  • Automatic rhythm coordination


  • Users need to have some knowledge of the software or similar ones in order to use it

Pro Tools 10 is a music composition software for creating music that includes its own and complete virtual recording studio.

This program has many tools that make it incredibly easy for users to compose and record music. It is an excellent alternative to more complex programs such as Cubase, without reducing its capabilities in terms of output. For starters, it has an excellent MIDI composing tool to construct songs from scratch and edit them to your liking. It also lets you compose interpretations of musical instruments, at a high quality. On the other hand, if you prefer working analog, you’ll have access to a tool to write and edit musical scores. You’ll not only compose with great ease, but also export your work in the SIB format to edit it with the Sibelius composer. 

It should be noted that Pro Tools 10 will let you record sessions in high quality. It´s compatible with musical interfaces of the Avid type or similar, but it works equally well if you use only your computer or notebook. Pro Tools 10 lets you record in a loop to let you improvise without wasting any recording. But even if you do make a mistake, you’ll be able to easily replace any audio section without altering the remainder. It also offers you built-in virtual instruments to replace those you don’t have. For a start, you have various audio loops that you can use as a base, but you’ll also have tools to create tracks with any instrument.

You’ll not only create and record music, but also edit it precisely to achieve results in the best quality. You’ll also be able to access an editor in which you’ll modify and adjust the audio track graphically, as well as adding effects, smoothing transitions and eliminating silence automatically. This excellent program lets you completely change any track’s tempo and tone, preserving its remaining properties. You’ll be able to modify the entire clip, an entire recording or just a piece of it. This will let you correct inconsistencies or errors without wasting time. There are also great add-ons that let you compensate for delay and more.

Pro Tools 10 is a great software to download should you be musical or creative in any way.


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Type Demo

Version 10.0

Size 1.49 GB

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