Pro Tools First


A free version of the well-known Pro Tools editing suite


  • It has all the necessary tools for beginners
  • Pretty comprehensive, despite the limitations of this stripped-down version.
  • Quality and great results.
  • Free license.


  • Professionals will find this version quite limited.

Pro Tools First is a high-quality recording and editing suite. More specifically, it’s a free version that AVID—the company that developed ProTools— has made available to users. If you’re truly a sound professional, you may feel that it’s a little incomplete. But if you need a good recording suite to do the simple stuff, you’ll want to take a look at what this program can do for you.

Familiar but different

Pro Tools First has the basic tools of its ‘big brother’, Pro Tools, a platform which the majority of sound and cinematographic studios around the world use. In it, you can edit the type of audio effects that you’ll hear in films, commercials, series, and much more. In short, the people in the know use this program.

Pro Tools First has a few limitations in respect to the audio quality at which you can edit (up to 96 kHz), the amount of tracks (maximum 16, stereo or mono), the MIDI instruments you can connect (up to 16), amongst others. In any case, it still offers better quality results than some programs that claim to have a wider range of tools and cost more.

A decent option

Pro Tools First a limited version in which you won’t find the same options as in Pro Tools, but which is still ideal for beginners, those who don’t need such in-depth options, and for those testing out the software and considering buying the paid version. Actually, the range of options is pretty broad, and nothing is lost in the quality or the speed at which you can work.

If you’re a musician or sound technician, you’re in luck, because in Pro Tools First you’ll find the ideal technical solution.

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Type Freeware


Size 866.58 MB

Other versions 12.1