Test your microcontroller designs and more with Proteus for PC


  • Intuitive interface
  • Great graphic quality
  • Test in real time
  • Saves money


  • Features are complex for the average user

Proteus is a Virtual System Modeling PC program for microcontroller based designs, created to simulate complex integrated circuits and more.

This is an essential item for any engineer's toolkit. It will save tons of time and money by letting them see how a design will work before even building a prototype. Basically, it comes with two specific programs to view electrical designs in 3D: ARES and ISIS. The VSM (Virtual Modeling System) program will let you simulate, in real-time, the different connections that can be created in a microcontroller. Users can even interact with the design thanks to LED and LCD displays. If available, buttons and switches can be attached to the PC to provide a better simulation.

Although Proteus is not a beginners’ program, it has a simple and organized interface, in which you’ll be able to carry out your tests by dragging and dropping objects onto the main window. The application also has different help manuals oriented towards every practical case. To make it even easier to use, however, it includes debugging features that are rather extensive. This means that users don’t have to worry about anything going wrong while they are carrying out their important tests or even designing a model.

In the most recent version of this program, the interface has been redesigned a bit. Now you can view modules as tabs in a single window. If you don’t find that useful, then try dragging and dropping the modules to see all of the windows side-by-side. Data changes in the software are now instantly shown as well. A live netlist is another new addition, which shows changes in connectivity in the PCB. All in all, these new features and improvements make for a much smoother user experience.

Download Proteus free for PC and design and test microcontroller devices easily.


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Type Shareware

Version 8.0

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