PSX Emulator


PSX Emulator

PSX Emulator is a PlayStation emulator that stands out through its fidelity to the original console and its simplicity.

Many of us remember with longing our favorite games on the Sony console, but it is difficult to find an emulator that fulfills our expectations. Most only work with certain titles, or they are excessively complicated and require a large amount of configurations.

PSX Emulator perfectly emulates the Graphics and Sound Processing Unit, as well as the CD function, without requiring any add-on or external program. The final result is surprising, with an incredible environment similar to the original PlayStation and almost absolute hardware compatibility.

Besides, its developers gave special attention to the ease of use. The emulator is capable of running almost any PS1 game without the user having to configure lots of parameters. Just choose the controls, either keyboard and mouse or a joystick, and start playing. If you want, you can adjust the audio and video quality to adapt to your computer’s capacity without experiencing a slow game.

If you still have the discs of your favorite games, just insert them into your PC. PSX Emulator will detect them automatically and run them exactly as your old console would. If you no longer have the discs or want to try out other titles, don’t worry. The emulator supports a large variety of CD images, including the ISO format.

Download PSX Emulator for free and start enjoying all your favorite games!

• Easy to use
• Requires no add-ons
• Doesn’t require many configurations
• Compatible with almost all PSX titles

• Nothing to report
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Type Freeware

Version 1.13

Size 650.56 kB

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