Relax and puzzle away with Qbeh

Many games these days focus on the excitement and thrill of running away from something or fighting against something. What about those of us that want a relaxing game? Sometimes gamers don´t want to fight anyone, they just want to lower their daily anxiety levels with a pleasant but thought-provoking game. That´s what Qbeh is, a puzzle/platform game for PC that invites you into a serene world of peaceful problem solving.

Qbeh is set in a mystical floating world filled with structures made out of blocks. These structures are arranged into a level that you must complete by reaching the golden doorway. Some block structures are easily to climb and get around, while others require that you build something in order to move on in the level. In that case, there are red blocks lying around that you can collect and then use to build stairs or stepping stones even. You only get a certain amount of blocks, however, so be sure to collect them again once you are past whichever obstacle was in your way.

Qbeh offers up four different worlds or levels for you to explore and conquer. Of course, said conquering is really just puzzle solving. The whole game is designed for maximum relaxation, from the graphics that make one wistfully think of zen gardens to the game´s super tranquil music. Qbeh is guaranteed to help you relax and clear your mind after a long day at work, or whenever you feel the need for some block moving action. Download Qbeh free for PC and puzzle your way to peace!

• Excellent graphics
• Pleasant music
• Easy to play

• Only four available levels

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Type Free (GPL)

Version Demo (Desura)

Size 1.19 MB

Other versions

Demo (Desura)