Quake is an excellent challenging shooter game and the follow-up to the magnificent Doom


  • Challenging first person shooter
  • Four lengthy episodes
  • Multiplayer capabilities
  • Great 3D graphics


  • Quite challenging

Quake is a classic first person shooter game for PC that sees you control a soldier against a strange and terrifying extra-terrestrial enemy called Quake.

The aim of Quake is navigate your way through a maze-like Medieval world collecting an array of weapons and battle a variety of monsters.

Quake is divided into four different episodes which contain eight levels each. This ensures that the game poses a very real challenge for even the most experienced gamer. The principle objective of Quake is to kill anything dangerous that you encounter on the way.  Along your journey you can collect various weaponry to help you progress, whatever you collect can be brought on to the next level. As you can imagine each level is more challenging than the next.

You cannot carry weapons on to another episode. You can choose to play the four episode in any order and you begin each with just your wits, an axe and a shotgun.

Quake was created by gaming giants id Software who are the master minds behind the classic predecessor to Quake, the highly successful Doom.

Quake was first released upon the world in 1996 and is often cited as one of the most revolutionary games of its time. It was one of the first games to present attractive 3D graphics and to bring competitive multiplayer gaming to the masses.

Quake’s multiplayer mode allows players on different computers to connect to a server, here you have the choice of playing co-operatively with other players or play against them.  

Quake is a brilliant but tough first person shooter that is one of the first games of its kinds, this is a vital download for any seasoned or casual gamer.

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Type Freeware

Version 1.09

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