Rabbit's Magic Adventures


Help your rabbit recover his village from an evil wizard in this wonderfully colorful puzzle platformer


  • Hundreds of unique levels to explore
  • Explore large caves, collect gems, and defeat enemies to clear levels
  • Cute and attractive soundtrack suited to the environment
  • Controls are simple and intuitive
  • Use a variety of in-game items to more easily dispatch with enemies


  • Storyline is poorly elaborated and weak

Rabbit's Magic Adventures is a free arcade-style platformer game for PC (Windows), developed by Alawar Entertainment, in which a courageous rabbit must save his village and his girlfriend from an evil wizard by traversing hundreds of unique cave-based levels. 

A Rabbit in Peril

The story of Rabbit's Magic Adventures is fairly basic. The protagonist, the rabbit, is living happily with his girlfriend, tending to his village, and living a happy enough life. Suddenly, that life is turned upside down when a malevolent wizard appears out of nowhere and begins spontaneously casting spells on surrounding objects. Invariably, to the distress of our rabbit, this causes most of them to disappear - from buildings, to people. While his house remains intact, its contents have been removed! Having noticed that multiple buildings from his village, as well as his girlfriend, have also gone missing, the rabbit endeavours to find her and to restore order to a now chaotic landscape. A trail of apples leads him to a cave where his adventures begin.

Core Gameplay and Features

Visually, the game is impressive from the outset. Whether on the map screen or in levels, environments are filled with dazzling, vibrant colors as well as sharp graphics and textures. Once you begin a level, you will be presented with a set of objectives and a basic UI, displaying your rabbit's life energy, the number of enemies remaining, and your in-game currency. Typically, the main objective of the game is to clear all enemies from a designated environment. Levels take place in a series of caves displayed in grid format. In line with the story, these caves are filled with groups of enemies spawned by the evil wizard.

Defeating enemies can be done by attacking them with the rabbit, dropping boulders on them and various other methods. If your rabbit makes direct contact with an enemy, he will lose some of his life energy

To control your rabbit, you can use either your mouse cursor or arrow keys. Navigation is done by clearing away blocks and boulders of various kinds. Your rabbit can move both horizontally by walking and vertically by climbing through these makeshift tunnels. Encountering certain types of blocks will cause them to fall away and clear a path. Different types, such as boulders or boxes, can be rolled along to clear space, or on top of enemies to defeat them. To increase your score, a group of colored gems are spread throughout a level, which you are encouraged to collect. Defeating enemies can be done by attacking them with the rabbit, dropping boulders on them and various other methods. If your rabbit makes direct contact with an enemy, he will lose some of his life energy. Should he lose it all, he will lose a life and will have to restart the level. Completing a level is achieved as soon as your objectives have been met, which initially is not that difficult. While completing your main objective is important, certain levels also contain hidden areas which provide additional score bonuses if discovered. As you progress through levels, you will encounter a variety of additional objects and obstacles you can interact with including bombs which can be used to more easily clear obstacles and defeat enemies. 

One of the often overlooked features of a game is its soundtrack and sound effects, which in this game perfectly suits the theme. Each level is accompanied by looping orchestral music. Interacting with level obstacles, defeating enemies, collecting gems and more all have rewarding sound effects attached. In fact, should your rabbit kill an enemy with his hammer, a loud spring noise makes it all the more satisfying. 

The Verdict

Rabbit's Magic Adventures, while not a typical platformer or even dungeon crawler, is still highly fun to play. The game is visually stunning, the controls are easy to learn and you can start playing in no time. Levels are laid out in grid format, allowing you to navigate in all four directions to defeat all the enemies within. Because of the multitude of ways to kill enemies, the difficulty never seems overwhelming. Although you will lose your life energy on occasion, if you're careful you can advance through levels without much effort. The soundtrack and sound effects provide an excellent backdrop to gameplay, both when you're breaking blocks or when you're smashing enemies with your rabbit's hammer. 

For me, the only unattractive feature of the game is its fairly basic storyline. While the game emphasizes its core gameplay over this, the plot doesn't exactly draw you in. Players should also be aware that the game's free trial version only allows you to play for a single hour before prompting you to purchase the full version. In spite of these drawbacks, as a game Rabbit's Magic Adventures is highly entertaining, sufficiently challenging, and great fun. So hop to that download page!

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