RAR Expander


A practical RAR file decompressor


  • It works with official Spreads library
  • Support for files divided into volumes
  • Support for AppleScript
  • Unzip password protected files
  • Decompresses at high speed
  • Very simple interface


  • Limited to RAR and ZIP archives
  • No updates for some time

Rar Expander is a RAR file decompressor that works perfectly, even with files that have been created with WinRAR. It is also possible to decompress ZIP files.
This software includes support for working with files both individually and en masse, and you can also work with files that are divided into parts. It also supports decompression of files that are password protected.
Simple and efficient
To use Rar Expander, you simply select the RAR file in question and open it with the program. The unzip process then kicks in automatically. The same applies to files that are divided into parts; select the first one and the program will decompress them all in order.
The program has an incredibly simple interface, with the status bar, and just a few configuration options, among which are the ability to choose whether the decompressed files are stored in the same folder as the RAR file, in another set folder, or one the program asks you for each time you decompress.
Rar Expander also includes a notification system to alert you when the decompression process is complete.
Its ease of use and effectiveness make Rar Expander a very useful program that you’ll surely use more than once.

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Type Freeware

Version 0.8.5

Size 395.55 kB

Other versions

0.8.5 0.8.4