This program has diverse tools and options with which you will work to make full use of your clips and movies.

RealPlayer is a video player that you can download for free, and with which you’ll be able to watch all sorts of audiovisual contents, both locally and over the Web.

Plays back videos in a large variety of formats

One of the greatest problems for enjoying videos is not having the codecs required to play them back. Fortunately, with RealPlayer this will be a problem of the past.

This is because the player offers support for the extensions that are currently most popular. Thus, you’ll watch files in all types of formats, from the open-source to proprietary ones.

Besides, the new RealPlayer versions have adapted to the revolution of social networks; therefore you will find here all the tools required to share your favorite videos with your friends over the Internet.

Installing the video player

The RealPlayer installation process is very simple. After downloading the chosen version for free, you’ll have to double-click on the installer. This is a small file that will connect to the servers on which the program is hosted and download the complete version.

Bear in mind that the installation process has certain options selected automatically. If they are not unchecked, they will do modifications on the system, such as setting up RealPlayer as the default player or creating shortcuts on the system. Consider checking only those you need.


Due to its wide offer, RealPlayer organizes all modules in tabs, columns and intuitive sections. Accordingly, each of the sections is perfectly labeled, so you won’t have problems locating the functions you need.

Thus, you’ll encounter the sector reserved for your video collection, the one for music, the social network sector, the tab for the built-in player and the one for playlists. As you can see, reaching the function you want will only take you a few clicks.

Main characteristics of RealPlayer

The free RealPlayer video player stands out among similar programs, thanks to the wide range of formats it can play back. Thus, the program can process files in Flash, QuickTime, DVD, MPEG-4, WAV, 3GP, RA and RMVB formats, among many others.

Besides, the software is compatible with thousands of sites all over the Web, making it an essential ally for enjoying online videos. In addition to this characteristic it has a button that lets you download all the unprotected audiovisual contents that you encounter in your daily browsing. Thus, you’ll not only enjoy your own videos and those that are on the Internet, but you will also enrich your collection with this interesting tool.

Also, bear in mind that RealPlayer will provide you with the utilities required to work especially with the materials you download. This is thanks to the tools to trim unwanted segments and to the built-in converter which can adapt your videos so they can be played back on any mobile device you might have.


From its basic and rustic origins to this all-terrain player, this software has gone a long way, during which RealPlayer has been reinvented. But this is not just an issue of quantity over quality, of more functions and tools, but of a consistent and stable performance.

Each of the utilities provided is designed to provide you both with comfort and functionality. The player processes the videos faithfully and very smoothly, the interaction between the program and mobile devices is fluid and the conversion is done at acceptable speeds.

Although now and then its operating speed is affected (especially when managing libraries with multiple items), this doesn’t tarnish the almost immaculate job of RealPlayer.


If you consider that RealPlayer is a free video player and if you check the number of tools it offers, you’ll realize that it is one of the best programs on the market.

Support for a large number of formats and mobile devices, integration with social networks, video download manager, media organizer and basic video editor are some of the features that make it stand out from other alternatives, which might be more advanced but less versatile.

If you are searching for a video player that covers all your needs and gives you that extra that distinguishes good software from the standard, don’t hesitate to download RealPlayer.

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