File recovery is a reality with Recuva


  • File recover with advanced options.
  • Easy to use and efficient.
  • Scans disk drives, USB sticks and other devices.
  • Includes an option to permanently destroy files.


  • Some additional functions are only available with the PRO version.

“Oh, no! I just deleted an important file!” You’ll never be making this kind of comment again with Recuva on your computer; it’s a program developed to restore deleted files either on the hard drive as well as external devices.

Recuva, file recovery is possible

Deleting content on an external device or from a folder on your PC is so straightforward that, on occasions, it’s possible to do so by complete accident. Is there anyone this hasn’t happened to? Sometimes it’s possible to recover the file because it’s been stored in more than one place. But if not, it’s a file that’s been lost forever.

Not if Recuva is on your PC. This software lets you recover files that have been deleted by accident. On opening the software, you can start an analysis that finds all of the deleted files on your hardware. The results will come back in no time, presenting you with a list of those files together with some options for recovering each one. And with just one click, Recuva puts them back in their original location.

But wait, how is that possible?

It’s not always that simple to recover a deleted file, but it is possible. This is owing to the fact that generally files aren’t deleted permanently from the hard drive. Operating systems like Windows mark out the space (cluster) where it last found the file available, and after various instances of ‘writing’ in the same space, it’s eventually deleted for good.

Recuva is a good backup option for finding files that have been removed from the recycle bin. All you need to do is define the type of file you want to recover (by extension or by type), it’s approximate location, and there you have it: everything else Recuva will take care of. If you want to reverse the process and ensure files are destroyed again, Recuva can also do it.  It’s as useful as it is comprehensive.

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Type Freeware

Version 1.53.1087

Size 5.22 MB

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