Redo Backup and Recovery


Create backups and restore your deleted files to prevent information loss


  • Can be used without starting Windows
  • Wide range of options
  • The possibility of creating and recovering backup copies
  • Includes diagnostic tools


  • Some functions can be complex for the average user

Redo Backup and Recovery is a data recovery program with which you’ll be able to create backup copies of your documents and restore them whenever you need them.

This is not just a program to create backups, it also lets you recover files that have been eliminated or damaged for any reason. Whether your contents have been damaged or lost due to a technical problem, a virus, an error that occurred when copying or saving a document or simply deleted, Redo Recovery will be able to save all your important data and avoid information loss. It´s an excellent alternative to Acronis Backup and Recovery, thanks to its ease of use and efficiency.

Redo Backup And Recovery, LiveCD mode

This program works as a LiveCD, meaning that you’ll able to use it from an optical disc without starting Windows. This is especially useful in cases where the system has been severely harmed by some type of malware.

All this is possible because Redo Backup and Recovery is a small operating system all by itself, with several useful tools and applications. Once you start the application from the CD, you’ll be able to create backup copies and restore files. Besides, you’ll have an image viewer, a file manager, a word processor and a Web browser, Chromium, based on the well-known Google browser, Chrome.

On the other hand, Redo Backup will provide you with all the information about your computer, such as the firmware version, the hard disk serial number and the general system status, for example.

How to backup and recover data

To use Redo Backup and Recovery, first you have to get the ISO image which can be downloaded here, and burn it on an optical disc. To do this you can use an application such as Roxio Media Creator or Nero Burning Rom.

Then you must insert the disc into the CD reader and restart the system. During this process you must press the F8 or F12 key to access the boot menu, and choose the option to start from the CD. After doing this you’ll access the Redo Backup and Recovery interface, from which you’ll be able to use all the tools previously mentioned. You’ll be able to access your files and create backup copies of their contents, or recover data which you thought were lost.

In summary, Redo Backup and Recovery is a complete program that will surely help you a lot to keep your computer in shape and avoid data losses. Since it´s an independent system that doesn’t require Windows to start, it will be especially important in cases of severe damage to your PC.

Download Redo Backup and Recovery for free and don’t lose information again!


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Type Freeware

Version 1.0.1

Size 214.01 MB

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