Want to measure your daily activities in a goal-oriented way? This program is for you!


  • Simple two-tier design structure allows easy categorization of daily activities
  • Categories are broad, but specific to accommodate individual needs
  • Goals set by the program ensure that you stay on track with your daily objectives
  • Weekly reports provide real numerical data from which you can modify your habits


  • Categories may exclude certain miscellaneous activities

RescueTime is a program available on Windows, used for effectively controlling, managing and organizing your time, avoiding distractions, and staying productive in a busy environment.

How can RescueTime help you?

We often come into work with a plan, a list we intend to clear off before the end of the day. Realistically, however, it's not uncommon to find that hours are spent on a task that ought to take a single hour or less. Managing one's time can often be difficult because of this. Distractions are common, tasks are subordinated to others, breaks effectively break up the day, and so on. 

If the above description sounds familiar, RescueTime has the solution. While not "rescuing" the time you have lost, RescueTime enables you to numerically analyze your working day through the amount of time spent on particular types of activities. Upon installing the software, the program asks you to effectively categorize your online life: categories such as Social Media, Business, Shopping, Communication, and so on can be classified as productive or distracting activities, depending on the type of working day you have planned, and the type of work you do. From this you can determine what needs to be focused on, and what ought to be avoided.

Your Working Life, Summarized

In order to determine which sites are the least productive in your working day, RescueTime measures the time spent on these sites and provides a scale for each website you visit, from very productive to very distracting. The program provides copious amounts of statistics, summarized in a weekly report sent out to its users, based on a two-week running average of past results.

The program provides copious amounts of statistics, summarized in a weekly report sent out to its users, based on a two-week running average of past results.

The report is represented via percentages, detailing how you have improved or disimproved compared with previous weeks, and contains suggestions for further improvement through a set of goals offered by the program. While this may seem a bit simplistic, for what it aims to do it works rather well. In truth, it offers the perfect method for quantifying one's time. For those worried about privacy, any information that RescueTime uses is ultimately your own. It can be hidden or deleted at any time.

In this way, RescueTime caters to individual needs, accepting that goals and behavior vary and that for Person A and Person B Social Media might exist on different sides. While the categories are general, they are only intended for personal use. They are not fixed in place, either. For instance, coming up to the holiday period, shopping would likely be considered productive by your own standards. The tool adapts to its user. There are bound to be occasions, however, when an activity fits no particular category, or fits one which cannot be determined from a weekly report.

RescueTime is an ingenious and clever way to organize and measure the activities of your working lives. Through quantifying your day, you can avoid unnecessary distractions and learn to focus on what's important. With weekly reports, you can learn from your mistakes and improve those percentages. The categories offered are general enough so that they incorporate most of the day's activities, but specific enough so that they can be modified to suit your needs. Overall the program is suitable for both diligent workers and procrastinators alike, as it allows you to create a plan and a set of goals based around your own needs. Regardless of one's mindset, a little control is never a bad thing. Well worth the download. 

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