Resident Evil 3 Nemesis


Resident Evil 3 Nemesis

ResidentEvil 3: Nemesis is a first-person action videogame in which you will have to find a way of surviving the attack of a mass of hungry zombies.

The Resident Evil franchise has positioned itself as an icon of the shooting and zombie genre. In this new edition, you will find yourself right at the end of the events of ResidentEvil 2, at the start of a new story. Raccoon City has already been destroyed and the Virus T has spread out, so you have the mission of stopping the advance of the living dead.

Graphically, ResidentEvil 3: Nemesis follows the line of its precursors. It has a fairly somber style, completely detailed scenes and an atmosphere that has been improved with respect to the pixelation that could be seen in the previous version.

If what you want is to feel the fear of being immersed in the game, you can’t avoid paying attention to the audio. The sound effects, the footsteps, the heartbeats and even the breathing and the screams are alarming.

If you are a lover of zombie games, this is a title that you simply must have.


- High image and audio quality
- Excellent playability


- Length of the game is short
- Not very original storyline
- Doesn’t add anything revolutionary to the genre

ResidentEvil 3: Nemesis limitations:

- Restricted features
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Type Demo

Version 1.3

Size 71.02 MB

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