Resident Evil 4


Increase the game performance in a variety of aspects

The Resident Evil 4 patch is an improvement pack that will modify several aspects of the. It will also improve its performance and save you a lot of headaches caused by a wrong operation.

With this add-on you’ll increase the game performance in a variety of aspects. First, you’ll improve the graphics effects: lights, shadows, animations, effects and various other elements. This is possible because the patch modifies the code engines your hardware uses to process graphics. Thus, you’ll get better defined graphics and have a better use of your PC’s resources.

On the other hand, with this patch you’ll solve the errors in Resident Evil 4 and, as a result, improve the game’s stability. One of the most common problems solved with this application is the freezing that occurs when skipping the cinematic scenes seen during the game.

Finally, it´s important to mention that these and other modifications are fully compatible with the remainder of the game, so there is no reason to worry about any malfunction in another area. This is especially important for those who have already advanced a lot and are afraid to lose their saved progress. There is no reason to worry; this patch is fully compatible with the saving engine version 1.0.0.

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Type Shareware

Version Parche v1.1.0

Size 71.04 MB

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Parche v1.1.0