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Resident Evil 5

This application for measuring the PC’s performance has been developed by the Capcom programmers, jointly with the Nvidia technicians, to let all Resident Evil 5 fans know whether the computer they have is capable of processing the terrifying game. If not, this benchmarking tool will provide the information they need to know what part of the hardware needs to be updated or replaced.

When running this software, a set of computer procedures are carried out. The objective of is to evaluate the performance of each computer’s components, both individually and as a group, to know the maximum data processing capacity.

In this case, the test run measures whether the tested computer is capable of sustaining the data processing required to let Resident Evil 5 run in a smooth and acceptable way.

Once it finishes its task, this program will create a report that will show the information about the testing result. The document is presented as fairly clear graphics, showing the user everything he needs in a simple way.
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