Play the role of a god in the exciting strategy game for PC!

Reus is a strategy game in which you’ll be a god of a small planet. You’ll have the control over four benevolent giants with special powers to change the natural world and guide mankind.

Play in the role of God: Reus

As soon as you start playing Reus you’ll encounter an abandoned and lifeless world, in which you’ll have four giants with different powers and capabilities. The rock titan controls the mountains, the deserts and the minerals; the forest titan can create forests and fruit trees; the ocean titan controls the oceans and domestic animals; and finally, the swamp titan has the capability of giving life to exotic animals and all sorts of plants.

Combining the abilities of the four giants, you’ll shape the world and create different ecosystems, to achieve environments that are favorable for man. In this indie game you’ll have control over everything, except human beings. It will be your duty to ensure that there is a balance between nature and civilization, to get the different villages to prosper without getting too ambitious.

The thing is that in Reus, the human nature is somewhat problematic. All villages will try to progress and they will be grateful for the availability of resources to achieve this. However, if you let them advance too quickly and accumulate too much wealth, they’ll get ambitious and aggressive. Unless you keep their greed under control, they will start attacking one another and will even use their weapons against your giants.

Reus has a simple look with nice 2D graphics and a cartoon aesthetics. However, the game can become surprisingly complex once your world starts growing. The thing is that the resource system is ample, versatile and varied, and makes it necessary for you to combine your giants’ abilities, the locations of the villages, animals and plants, and even the cooperation between your titans and ambassadors of different villages.

Reus is an entertaining title in which you’ll play the role of a small planet’s god. To achieve the greatest prosperity, you’ll have to learn to solve puzzles and develop strategies while looking for the best way to achieve balance.

What are you waiting for todownload the Reus game?

• Complex resource system
• Four giants with different abilities
• Highly addictive
• Attractive aesthetics

• The learning curve can be quite pronounced

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Type Paid Software

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