RightMark Audio Analyzer


RightMark Audio Analyzer

RightMark Audio Analyzer is a self-regulating audio measurements open-source tool that executes various tests of electroacoustical performance of sound cards and other real-time audio devices. The program tests an audio performance basing on its Frequency response, THD, dynamic range, noise level, stereo crosstalk tests. It contains an ASIO support and diagnostic support for frequencies, buffer sizes and input & output channels. The program also support kernel streaming allowing bypass of Windows Kmixer. It tolerates utilization of various devices on the same test and cross API testing. Its later version RightMark Audio Analyzer 6.2.0 contains several added feature such as new test Impulse/Phase reaction, new option FFT Size, accomplished second stage of Intel IPP DSP library implementation, latest IPP Info button with system information and benchmark and fixed erroneous diagnostics while external device testing.
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Type Freeware

Version 6.1.0

Size 2.02 MB

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6.1.0 3.8 6.0.5 6.0.4