Detect and delete fake programs that contain some malicious element


  • Lets you detect fake programs and malicious software
  • Developed in C++
  • Operates at a high efficiency
  • Increases the speed of the PC’s operation
  • Compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit computers


  • Can show false alarms
  • Implies a good degree of knowledge

RogueKiller is an application developed in C++ which, through effective analyses of running processes, will detect and delete fake programs that contain some malicious element. Created by Tigzy, this tool has the objective of speeding up the different tasks that you carry out on your computer.

If you want to optimize the operation of the different applications on your PC and increase its processing speed, it will surely be to your advantage to download RogueKiller for free. With this application you’ll clean the different running programs and you’ll attack any threat, in case useless elements are found.

Through a good set of instruments, RogueKiller will act quickly and will let you carry out disinfections with complete security. It should be noted that with the exception of harmful links, the tool won’t eliminate the files automatically, so after running it you’ll need to run some antimalware program to completely get rid of them.

In summary, the RogueKiller operation implies searching for hidden services, with the intention of finding all sort of rogueware in order to quarantine any insecure process. After carrying out the scanning with the application, you’ll be able to specify that you want to delete the files with the specific keyboard command, although you’ll first be able to review the report shown to view what has been detected as potentially harmful.

Even though RogueKiller has a fairly high operation profile (meaning it tends to show false alarms), its scheduled tasks also provide the option of repairing damage caused by fake antivirus programs or to reset host files, proxy lists and DNS.

In summary, if you want to achieve a better protection for your PC against harmful and malicious programs, don’t waste any more time. Download RogueKiller for free!

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Type Freeware


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