Roxio Creator 2012


Roxio Creator 2012

Roxio Creator is a utility to edit and manage media files. This application includes a large number of tools and functions that will let you manipulate video and audio easily.

This complete program has a tabbed interface, from which you’ll be able to work with video, images and much more, in a convenient and fluid way. You’ll also be able to create, copy and burn complete discs without losing quality.

Edit videos easily

Even though Roxio Creator works as a complete editor, you’ll be able to copy and create video CDs and DVDs easily..

You’ll be able to assemble your videos as you want, carry out basic tasks such as cutting and joining files, changing the resolution and adjusting colors. Besides, you’ll be capable of apply a large number of special effects that will surely give your movies personality.

On the other hand, you’ll be able to set several transition effects, arrange the different clips on the same timeline and adjust even the smallest playback detail. You’ll also be able to add some special effects, such as a camera out of focus, image deformation, color changes, etc. You’ll even have an option to select between a large number of videos to superimpose them and create striking effects such as rain, fog, fire and snow.

WithRoxio Creator you’ll also be capable of capture and save video clips from Web pages such as YouTube or Vimeo. Since this type of clips are usually in a specific format, this application will also provide you with the tools to convert the video and ensure that it´s compatible with any player or device.

Once you have finished your videos and want to burn them to a DVD, Roxio Creator will let you create professional menus to simplify navigation between your movies. Thus, you’ll be able to add scenes and chapter, language menu, background music, etc.

Capture and edit audio

Roxio Creator also offers you a large number of tools to work with audio. You’ll not only be able to copy and burn music CDs and DVDs, but also edit sound files according to your preferences.

For a start, you’ll be able to capture audio from any Internet streaming source and save the file automatically. The program will save only the song you want, eliminating sound for notifications and system alerts to avoid interruptions. You can even configure it to automatically send the song to iTunes, which will let you increase the size of your library.

Besides, Roxio Creator works as a complete audio editor with which you’ll be capable of modify and optimize any clip on your computer. You’ll be able to cut and join files, set volume, create merge effects, add special effects and much more. You’ll even have the option of creating your own mobile ringtones from your favorite songs.

On the other hand, if you have the adequate equipment, Roxio Creator will let you to copy your cassette tapes and vinyl discs to digital format, to let you enjoy your collection anywhere. The program will also correct errors such as clicks and silence, leaving you with a song in an excellent quality.

Finally, Roxio Creator includes a function to automatically get information about your favorite songs. If you copy your collection of discs to the computer or capture songs from the Internet, this application will automatically tell you the artist and song name, the year, album and other relevant data, so you won’t have to enter this information manually.

Improve and share your images

Roxio Creator offers tools for all sorts of media files, including image files. Thanks to its features you’ll be capable of organize and edit all your photographs with just a few clicks.

You’ll improve the image’s general look, correcting color and saturation, trimming borders you don’t need or modifying the exposure´s degree, among other things. Besides, you’ll eliminate red eyes, delete wrinkles, eliminate spots on the skin and even change some facial expressions. Roxio Creator will let you restore old photographs and easily get rid of scratches or dust.

Besides, with this program you’ll be able to add some special effects to make the image stand out, convert any photograph to 3D and create panorama images by joining various images precisely. Finally, you’ll be able to share all your albums and works on social networks such as Facebook, without having to leave the program.

Backup copies and much more

Despite all of its striking features, what makes Roxio Creator stand out is the creation of high-quality discs. You’ll work with CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs efficiently and easily.

With this program you’ll burn discs and save them on your computer, clone them on other discs or create an ISO image from them. You’ll also be able to create your own virtual images and burn CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs from any file you want.

Roxio Creator is compatible with any type of disc or reader, so regardless of the computer you use, you’ll get results in an excellent quality. Besides, you’ll be able to use a test module before really burning the disc, to avoid errors and waste.

This application is ideal to create backup copies of all your important files and to enjoy your multimedia collection wherever you want to. You can schedule periodic backup copies with this application to ensure that you’ll never lose important data.

In summary, Roxio Creator offers you all the tools you might need to work with multimedia files. Create discs, make copies, edit audio, video and images, and share all your projects on the Web, without leaving the program. Download Roxio Creator for free!

• Audio, video and image editor
• Blu-ray support
• Lets you share files online
• Excellent recording quality
• Easy to use, despite its large number of features

• Some processes use up a lot of computer resources

Roxio Creator limitations:
• Restricted features
• Limited time use
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Type Shareware

Version 9.01

Size 492.51 MB

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