The latest update of Apple’s official browser


  • Integration with OS X to the finest detail.
  • Advanced security benefits.
  • Synchronization across devices.


  • Reduced compatibility with non-Apple products.

Safari is Apple’s official web browser. This, in short, summarizes the importance that Safari has on your Mac. In a world where the internet is central to our everyday lives, using the most efficient and secure programs is paramount; and Safari is one of the best that’s ever been designed for Mac.


Safari is a browser that has been designed exclusively for Apple devices. This latest version for OS X has been designed with users in mind to offer them the best web experience possible. To start with, it integrates—right down to the finest detail—with the operating system, and it’s the default browser. It guarantees a better performance than any other program.

For example, tests have shown that the device battery lasts a couple of hours longer than with Chrome or Firefox; this figure climbs to four hours when watching videos on Netflix. Safari also proves itself to be a lot more efficient when it comes to loading web applications, and superior when it comes to JavaScript (over 6x faster on OS X). When you use a Mac, Safari comes out top of the browser pile.

Your personal data, now even more secure

Security has always been an important consideration, and even more so these days as millions of people become more and more exposed to cyberattacks. For this reason, Safari offers various options (already activated by default) that stop malicious code from affecting you. Amongst those, the highlights are the protection against fraudulent or unsecure websites (Safari will stop them loading) and the blocking of third party cookies (to prevent any lagging).

Safari also puts you in control of security with some neat features, like private browsing and sandboxing. The former refers to the option of browsing the web without Safari logging where you’ve been, knowing what data you’ve loaded on each webpage, and tracking your browsing habits. The latter refers to the option of loading a website in a locked tab without access to the rest of the browser; in this way an insecure site will only affect that one tab rather than the rest of the Mac.

Logon and logoff wherever, whenever

Safari has complete integration across other Apple devices. If you’re viewing a website on your iPhone, you can move it immediately to your Mac screen (or vice versa). You can also access your favorites and login details from any device. And, if you’re watching a video in Safari, you can sent it quickly via AirPlay to your Apple TV account.
Safari is a fundamental keystone in the Apple product chain. For this reason, it’s vital to have. Even though Safari OS X comes as the default browser, it’s always worth updating as often as you can. Download it now, and get access to an unrivalled experience on your Mac!


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