Find your bookmarks where they have to be thanks to SafariSort


  • Organize your Safari bookmarks.
  • Two different modes.
  • Simple and without any further ado


  • Everything it does is to organize bookmarks.

No one knows why, but bookmarks never are where someone would look for. When you need to go to place you marked, surely it will be in a place where you wouldn’t ever find it. And no one knows why the browsers don’t come with a default option that gives you the chance to order them automatically without moving them one by one.

SafariSort is a program that doesn’t end with the doubt, but at least brings a solution. As the name of the app says, SafariSort organizes the bookmarks of Safari. That way you could accede to them at any moment because you will know exactly where they are.

SafariSort is not thought for those who have 10 or 15 bookmarks with news websites and the the address of the webmail, but for those who have hundreds or thousands of them. In those cases, the users usually organize them by folders. Don’t get despair because SafariSort is also able to manage entire collections of folders.

SafariSort organizes your bookmarks alphabetically, although you can request the program to put all the folders in the first place (also from A to Z, of course). Although they are few options and the program does nothing more than this, SafariSort resolves with a button something that developers are not able yet to solve. Download SafariSort and say goodbye to chaos!

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Type Freeware

Version 2.0.2

Size 593.01 kB

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