Samsung EasyStudio


An easy way to transfer files between your Samsung mobile and computer

Samsung EasyStudio is an application that makes it manageable to connect your Samsung phone to your home computer, and transfer files to and from both entities.

The application makes it easy for Samsung mobile users to gain access to the data on their phones via their computer. They can set-up the software and use it as an interface for sending and receiving files like music, photos, text messages, and videos to and from their phones and computers.

Samsung EasyStudio also allows users to back-up their files to their computers simply and quickly. For instance, Samsung mobile users might want to save all of their contacts in another location just in case something happens their phones and are left with no numbers to call the people they need to.

The studio can be set-up appropriately by USB cable or Bluetooth, depending on what both phone and computer have. The application is a great manager of all files between your phone and PC. I would recommend you download it if you have a Samsung phone. Likewise Samsung Kies is another similar tool that can be used by those with Samsung phones depending on certain requirements.


• Manage file-transfer between your Samsung phone and computer
• Back-up data from your phone to your PC


• Needs a USB cable or Bluetooth connection
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Type Freeware

Version 1.1.1

Size 61.31 MB

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