Samsung Kies 3


Samsung Kies, manage Samsung device content directly from your computer


  • Manage your Samsung mobile
  • Back backup copies of any file.
  • Intuitive and easy to use.


  • Quite resource-heavy and slow.

You need to bear in mind that smartphones are very delicate and in constant movement, so it’s normal that sooner or later they’ll suffer some sort of failure or loss of data. Better to have everything saved on the PC, right?

For this very purpose, Samsung has brought out Samsung Kies, a practical program through which you can connect your computer to your phone and manage all of its content in an easy way. It’s a great tool that will give you the option to copy videos, photos, documents or music stored on your phone. You can also use  Samsung Kies to create backup copies.

Take extra care of your Samsung phone

With Samsung Kies you can synchronize photos and music with the computer via a wifi or USB connection, and in this way transfer any playlists made on the PC or even to update the smartphone’s  firmware. Even though Android lets you update backup copies of some data (by synchronizing through your Google accounts, for example), Samsung Kies helps you to take extra precautions with your Samsung.

We have to say that Samsung Kies is a little on the slow side, something that will tend to frustrate more impatient users. The flip side is that it’s very efficient and easy to use; its interface is easy to get your head around and very clear, with all the functions you need to manage your mobile.

All in all it’s a great option for building up good backups of your mobile, transferring content back and forth, and keeping hold of all the things that you value on your mobile.

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Type Freeware

Version 3.2.16084_2

Size 38.87 MB

Other versions

3.2.16084_2 3.2.16044_2