Savage XR


Hone your skills as a strategist and a fighter in a post apocalyptic world!


  • Different types of gameplay
  • 2 sides to choose from
  • Good graphics


  • Nothing noteworthy

Savage XR is a real time strategy shooter game for your PC. You can enjoy the perils of one to one combat, build a secure and efficient base and lead an army out on the field all within the confines of one game!

It is rare that a game satisfies the gaming styles of every gamer out there but Savage XR definitely comes very close! With Savage XR you are flung into an apocalyptic world of chaos and it is up to you whether to give your allegiances to the technically advanced Legion of Man or the furious and magically enhanced Beast Horde.

From the outset it may appear that this is a simple man versus beast shooter but there are many layers of gameplay going on in Savage XR.

Fans of strategy games will be pleased with the level of logical thinking that the game requires. You are given the task of building and maintaining your army's base. This requires you to hunt, mine and build in order to gain and make the most out of resources available. You can have up to 63 soldiers in your army and in order to ensure the best result from battle you must forge weapons of a high quality.

When you bore of building and maintaining your base in Savage XR you can take to the battlefield and fight! The fighting style in Savage XR is a combination of shooter and melee. You can earn gold by killing enemies and demolishing their buildings. The gold is then used to buy more lethal weapons so you improve your worth on the battlefield!

Graphics wise Savage XR is impressive. The Beast Horde in particular are awesome creations that are incredibly detailed.

Savage XR is the perfect game for those who love both strategy and shooter games!


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Type Freeware

Version 1.0

Size 410.04 MB

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