ScreenFlow: share with the world what happens on your screen


  • Register videos with all you do on your computer.
  • You can use iSight and DV cameras.
  • Edit videos with the own interface.
  • Great quality (supports Retina Display).
  • Share from the own interface.


  • The edition interface is comfortable but not professional.

The keyword to define ScreenFlow is ‘screencast’: this fashion emerges on Internet and has as a goal to show what happens on your screen. A lot of times, these videos are made as a ‘tutorial’ mode, for example to explain how to use a computer tool. Also there are screencasts of videogames, where some specialist shows how to overcome a level or his last achievement, for example.

So, ScreenFlow is a tool to make screencast: to record what happens on your screen, to edit it and to share it on Internet. Even you can use some camera if you have one because it is compatible with iSight and DV cameras, although you can use whatever that records your iPhone or iPad. ScreenFlow also allows you to define how are registered the movements, gestures and mouse clicks, with the idea to represent clearly what are you doing on the screen.

ScreenFlow allows you to edit the videos you had recorded. This edition interface is not very ‘professional’ but don’t think neither that is bad provided: it counts with everything you need when it’s time to add effects, to cut and to mix sequences, and everything you would do with a common edition tool. But ScreenFlow also counts with functions that allow it to highlight that what everyone need to see on a screencast, such as the cursor’s size, the pressed keys, etc. ScreenFlow even can add subtitles.

Finally, the last thing to do is to publish. ScreenFlow uploads your screencasts directly to Facebook, Youtube or Vimeo, so anyone will have the chance to see what you are able to do.

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Type Shareware

Version 6.1

Size 60.89 MB

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