Scribblenauts Unlimited


Join Maxwell and explore and create a world inspired by your imagination


  • Open world
  • Several solutions for the puzzles
  • Maxwell’s storyline
  • Object editor


  • Some of the puzzles can be very simple

Scribblenauts Unlimited is a very original adventure game that will test your creativity to solve puzzles. This is the latest release of the well-known franchise that follows Maxwell and his magic notebook. Now, for the first time, you’ll enjoy this excellent title on the PC, and you’ll be able to share your creations with other users.

In Scribblenauts Unlimited for the PC you’ll move through an extended open world, full of characters and possibilities, where you’ll encounter a large number of puzzles that you have to solve. To work out these problems you’ll use Maxwell’s magic notebook and your imagination; the tools you’ll need, in order to create any object you can think of. By simply writing a word you’ll make it materialize in the game world, making the possible solutions for any obstacle almost unlimited.

What’s more, you’ll now have an editor to create objects in Scribblenauts with any type of elements and properties. Not only will you add parts and change the shapes or colors, you’ll also assign functions and behaviors when confronted with certain conditions, to let them interact with the world around you. The best part is that, for the first time, you’ll be able to share your customized objects and download and edit creations from other Scribblenauts Unlimited users for free.

With Scribblenauts Unlimited you’ll not just find new ways of sharing your creativity with other people; you’ll also find out the storyline of Maxwell and his 41 brothers. For the first time you’ll discover how the young boy got his magic notebook, and you’ll meet his twin sister, Lily. Since you can explore the world freely, you won’t be restricted to the story in order to advance, but you will certainly find out many details of the characters’ lives.

Finally, Scribblenauts Unlimited includes a number of features that will surely attract your attention. First, Maxwell’s backpack is also magic, and it serves as a library of objects in which you’ll quickly access all the items you have created at any time. Besides, both the editor and the different worlds include a list of tips so you learn how to get the most of the possibilities offered by this fun and creative title.

This game will keep you busy for hours, both with its entertaining puzzles and with its unlimited creative possibilities. Regardless of your age, you’ll certainly enjoy all aspects of this nice title. Don’t hesitate any longer and download Scribblenauts Unlimited from Steam by clicking on the download button.

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Type Paid Software

Version 1.0

Size 1.59 MB

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