Create a secret folder for your top secret files and prevent anyone from accessing it

SecretFolder is a security tool which, as its name suggests, will let you have a hidden folder, to let you save private or important documents and files, without the risk of unauthorized people accessing them.

SecretFolder for Windows supports NTFS, FAT, FAT32 and exFAT volumes, so you’ll be able to protect your data regardless of the file storage system used by your computer. Besides, it doesn’t carry out any modification in the system structure, making it easy to protect or unprotect the files you want, without long and time-consuming processes.

SecretFolder protects as many folders as you need simultaneously, and it doesn’t impose any limit on the size of the files you can hide. After creating a secret directory, anybody who wants to access it will need to know the master password. It also implements a password for the application itself, making your data truly inaccessible.

When you protect a folder with SecretFolder, it won’t be possible for any unauthorized person to see its contents, regardless of the method they try to use; not even by accessing the directory using commands in a Windows console, and, in order to uninstall the program in any way, your password is required.

SecretFolder is ideal to keep your private information away from curious eyes, but it´s also very useful to stop your important files or documents from being deleted or changed, even accidentally.

In summary, this application is a very easy but effective way to keep your documents safe, regardless of their size or location. What are you waiting for to download SecretFolder for free?

• Easy to use
• Protects several folders simultaneously
• No size limit
• The application can be password-protected

• Nothing to report

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Type Freeware

Version 3.5.0

Size 2.01 MB

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