Secrets of Six Seas


Secrets of Six Seas

Secrets of Six Seas is an arcade game that has the peculiarity of being in 3D, which drastically increases gameplay and its capacity to entertain. With a simple storyline and exciting episodes, the game proposes challenges and a good way to spend your leisure time.

What is Secret of Six Seas about?

With Secrets of Six Seas you’ll discover a perverse society that is about to completely make use of all ocean’s resources and as a result it will exterminate the species that live there. you’ll be able to save the world by destroying the robots responsible for this killing.

Game features

Secrets of Six Seas is one more variation of the astounding games Zuma or Luxor, and is definitely at their entertainment level or even higher. If you are not yet familiar with these well-known games, you should know that the scenery consists of a number of colored balls that move along a specific path.

It´s your objective to stop these balls from reaching their destination. To achieve this, you’ll have a device that launches the same balls, one at a time, in specific colors. When you shoot the spheres, they will get into the row with the others. When you manage to join three or more of the same color, all the spheres will get eliminated before reaching their destination, thus freeing space.

During the game you’ll receive different rewards and bonuses that will help you achieve your objective faster. As you advance through the levels, you’ll see a progressive increase in the difficulty. Thus, the game becomes quite entertaining and addictive, becoming an excellent option to spend your time.

• Various levels
• Very entertaining
• Good animations
• 3D graphics

• Nothing to report

Secrets of Six Seas limitations:
• First levels available
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Type Shareware

Version Demo

Size 2.27 MB

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